November 17, 2023

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Create Your Digital Signage

Whether you're operating a single digital sign in your lobby or a network across your company, digital signage software has made it easier to design and maintain your own digital displays. Instead of searching for and manually configuring the necessary hardware, you can control all of your displays from a central location using today's digital signage software, which also provides robust capabilities for making your displays more dynamic and engaging.

A wide range of technologies is incorporated into digital signage systems to produce exciting and straightforward to update information. The most popular digital signage software takes advantage of cloud-based technologies, enabling remote creation and management of digital displays.

Other digital signage technologies, such as web-based and stand-alone systems, are also available to produce and administer digital displays.

Here is a list of reasons why you should choose to invest in digital signage rather than attempting to DIY one:

Top-notch content

Many do-it-yourself solutions will be noticeably less flexible and attractive than their professionally designed equivalents because they will be forced to make concessions merely to get material on the screen. To save money on a content management system (CMS), you'll need to hire people with better content development experience or devote more time to content production.

If you can't, things will go downhill quickly. It will also be challenging to obtain and employ the capability to show integrated third-party material, animation, or even basic design in content. This will be painfully obvious to your audience.

There's a good chance you lack the necessary expertise.

Creating anything from scratch always requires a significant investment of your time, energy, and other resources, as well as a high level of expertise, the correct equipment, and specific materials. Your odds of successfully assembling a digital sign on your own are low if you lack significant familiarity with electronics and work on projects of a similar nature. You'll have wasted a lot of time by the time you figure this out, and you'll probably still have to purchase it.

There's nothing wrong with having faith in your own creative ability. Yes, we appreciate your willingness to put in the time, but we think it's best to put some cash into a project that will represent your school professionally.

You'll Probably End Up With A Product That Looks Mediocre At Best

Many schools just can't afford pricey digital choices, so they're always looking for more cost-effective alternatives.

Canva, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe, which offer free or almost free monthly subscriptions, might be alluring. They allow you to make many digital displays and come with predefined templates, color palette selections, and simple user interfaces.

And even if your digital signage is the most beautiful in the world, how will you handle all the other factors necessary for its success?

Of course, you could spend a couple of hours designing a static digital menu board or other sign, then save it on a USB drive and connect it to a screen. While this may be successful in the short term for your company, a quick Google search will reveal countless cases of digital signage gone wrong.

It's not certain that you'll have a successful digital signage implementation even if you put in the time and effort necessary to get it up and to operate.

It's simple to make mistakes in the design, development, and maintenance of digital signage material if you don't have expertise, which brings us to the following issue.

Sustainment And Upkeep

What happens once a school buys the parts, constructs, and activates its DIY solution? There will inevitably be problems with software upgrades and deprecations, hardware maintenance, and general system support and upkeep in a system with this many moving components.

Unfortunately, many companies don't have the resources to regularly maintain and upgrade their DIY solutions, so they continue to operate with them despite their poor condition and frequent failure to meet expectations.

You Might End Up Ruining Your Reputation

It's amusing to make fun of digital signage blunders, but what does it say about the school's professionalism?

How your content will make your brand look is a significant factor in your marketing decision. There are several ways that digital signage might go wrong.

The most common mistake made by those attempting to save money by creating their material is to skimp on quality. Because of this, your brand will be associated with low-quality material (as we mentioned before).

One of the first things potential clients will notice is your digital signage; as such, its quality is crucial.

One other common mistake made by do-it-yourselfers is using mixed messages throughout their work. Students and staff may become confused because many groups have differing opinions on the material and how they should engage with it.

Carelessness in creating material might result in significant fines for infractions of copyright laws and other rules.

Finally, the capability of many do-it-yourself digital signage solutions is restricted. As a result, you're missing out on the latest and greatest features available.

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