November 17, 2023

Five Ways To Enhance Campus Experience With Digital Signage

Media such as photographs and videos can be shown on a screen, LCD, LED, or projection technology using digital signage. Everywhere we go, we see digital displays advertising stores, restaurants, hotels, universities, and other establishments. Its primary functions are information dissemination (directional signage in huge buildings), interpersonal communication (particularly amongst coworkers or classmates), and product promotion.

Recent innovations in digital signage have sought to provide a more engaging user experience through interactive technologies such as touch screens, intelligent menu boards, place and learn, gender technology, and QR code trigger technology.

To teach, engage, inform, advise, promote, and celebrate, digital displays are in constant demand on today's K-12 and higher education campuses.

These days, it's not uncommon to find a flat-panel monitor or interactive display in a classroom. Their use is growing rapidly throughout campuses to inform faculty, staff, students, and parents. These displays are becoming increasingly crucial in modern classrooms due to their potential to facilitate a hybrid learning environment.

The educational applications of digital signage technology are numerous. These five uses are among the most often used for interactive displays in classrooms and on college campuses:

1. Fostering Long-Term Sustainability

Digital signage's primary benefit—eliminating the need for paper—has broad support. Tablets on Education reports that a school of 1,000 students, or a university department of equal size, spends between $3,000 and $4,000 annually on paper, ink, and toner. Not only does this save money, but it also saves trees and improves back-office productivity.

Reading lists, maps, pamphlets, posters, and more may all benefit from the streamlined and scalable manufacturing and dissemination made possible by digital signage.

Indeed, this is also what the majority of your pupils desire. Nearly half (49%) of questioned Gen Zs in a recent Deloitte poll reported that their ethics had played a part in their professional decisions. It seems to reason that members of Generation Z would prioritize a school's commitment to principles similar to their own. Take this easy yet meaningful step to show them you care about the climate problem.

In conclusion, digital signage is an integral aspect of your digital transformation plan since it is a flexible and affordable tool for fostering campus community.

2. Warnings In Times Of Crisis

More than 40% of schools do not have emergency procedures displayed in classrooms or dorms. Even more, institutions have failed to publish those directions in off-campus facilities. However, a student body member, professors, or staff member might be at any location when an emergency arises.

Colleges and universities may disseminate information to students at any time or location using centralized digital signage. In an emergency, screens can flash in bright colors to grab pupils' attention and offer instructions on what they should do. So long as there is access to electricity and the internet, the signs may be changed immediately and from afar.

3. Provide Timely Data To Form Interactive Communal Spaces

You may control the material you post from a central location using an Intranet or Internet network or from afar using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, which can notify you of any problems. It is possible to schedule the time and duration of content display across several zones or the entire campus by grouping displays into a single zone. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive are examples of cloud storage and revision management tools.

Student unions, dorms, and other campus meeting places may be readily converted into integrated information centers by utilizing a network of digital screens. Along with class times, students may also view campus news and upcoming activities in real-time.

Digital signage has several applications in public spaces, including libraries, computer laboratories, and research institutes. Students seeking specialized information on study groups, guest lecturers, and current events can use the interactive digital screens installed in these places.

4. Facilitate Easy Orientation And Directional Navigating

Finding your bearings in a new building or campus may be a major hassle. Guests, visitors, and new students may more easily make their way about campus with digital wayfinding displays featuring detailed maps of the area. Staff and students benefit from these interactive maps' clarity and timeliness.

5. Creating a favorable first impression

Having a large, eye-catching digital sign at each campus entrance is a great way to make a good first impression, promote your business, boost morale among the student body and staff, and inform the community about important upcoming events.

Anyone who enters your campus will be greeted more warmly by digital displays in the lobby and other administrative areas. They may also provide entertainment for those waiting their turn and generally improve the ambiance. Having digital, interactive kiosks spread out over campuses is a great method to provide navigation, helping people of all ages find their way quickly and easily. The best part is that they can be updated instantly.

Digital billboards positioned in highly trafficked campus areas have been shown to increase interest in and turnout for school activities. They can promote personal recognition, showcase various achievements by students and instructors, and function as digital donor boards, thanking those who have donated to the school. Finally, digital signage's adaptability makes it possible to present a multimodal, more engaging experience than a traditional poster.

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